We are Contingency and Retained Recruiters.

A contingency recruiting agency does a employee search on a contingency basis for a company. The recruiter is paid upon a successful hire/placement. The recruiter is responsible to do the intial recruiting, screening and interviewing by phone. The contingency recruiter will also arrange interviews with the candidates for the client/company. The company pays either a flat fee or a percentage of the first years salary. The jobseeker does not pay a fee. Our fees to employers are considered very reasonable overall.

A Retained Agency is similar to a contingency recruiting agency in that the client company pays the fees. Traditionally, the jobseeker does not pay a fee. The main difference of a retained recruiting agency is that the client company pays a retainer fee to have that company perform a search. A portion of the overall search fee is paid upfront and the remainder is due upon a successful hire. The initial retainer fee is paid whether or not a placement or hire is made. Companies use retained search firms for higher level positions within an organization. For example a CEO, VP of Sales, etc. Usually salaries at this level are over $200000 and fees can be as high as 33% and will primarily be based on the estimated work time involved for securing the right candidate for any position. Our fees are very reasonable overall. Please call for estimate on your placement.

RealEstateBestJobs.com can act as a contingency or a retained agency based on your needs. All terms will be agreed upon in writing by both parties.

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